Hi David,

I wrote to you a bit ago, but I just had to say thank you again. Today I took my big brute of a horse out for a walk and was just amazed at the progress we have made. Since following your simple steps and working consistently on groundwork the change is nothing short of amazing.

Today we walked around traffic, other horses, a stallion, I made noise and pounded on things and (without the stud chain), my boy was the perfect gentleman. Now remember, this is the 1300 warm blood who drug me by the rope all over hell and half of Georgia.

Again, I cannot thank you for your straight forward, simple instructions on how to gain the respect and trust of these amazing animals. He now knows I am in charge and he is not and he is OK with that!

And it did not take beating him, just a few taps with a short stick reminding him to pay attention.

Keep up the good work and don't listen to the naysayers! You are a treasure.

~ Melissa Spada

I have recently gotten "back" into enjoying my love and respect for the "equine"

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 30yrs, and have recently embraced taking "care" of me, instead of everyone else. It is an ongoing journey.

I have been helping at "Hearts and Horses", an equine therapy center (in Loveland ,Colorado) for the last year. It has changed my life. The talented people, and horses they employ...are the most patient, humble, hard working, kind, etc( I tend to run out of adjectives to describe them...) I have EVER been honored to work with. That including 30yrs of "Health Care Professionals"...( they have a lot to learn from my stable friends...human and furry!)

Anyway, I have enjoyed watching your videos. You appear to "true to yourself"...a trait that I value above all. I repeat this phrase often on a daily basis. It is truly my "mantra". Therefore, I find a true "calm" watching you. As well as learning so very much from your expertise, and natural way with horses. Thank YOU!

I have read Sally Swift's books, I have participated in a "Buck" clinic, I have attended many horse clinic's at the stable run by Colorado State University Equine School,etc. As well as taking riding lessons, horsemanship lessons again. I have enjoyed none as much as YOUR video's. Keep 'em coming! You are my kind of "COWBOY". Let alone, my kind of person.

I have encouraged all my "horse" friends to enjoy your work also! I see you with a "soft" eye! Any chance on you and Brave Eagle coming to Colorado!? Would love to get to see and meet you!

Stay True To offer the "world" more than it will ever know....Thank You again....God Speed David Lee Archer....

~ Mary Cosens

Hi David,

Well your book came Tuesday and I've just finished reading it (for the first time) and I have to say not only is it a wealth of information, but a lot of thought-provoking philosophy too.

There were a couple of things you said about working with horses that I'm having difficulty picturing visually but I'll try to puzzle them through and if I keep having trouble getting my mind around them I'll ask.

But above all your book gave me what I was most hoping for .... a "checklist" of sorts of the most necessary steps in training so that I can be sure not to leave any gaps when I'm creating and building on a foundation.

So thank you for driving home the concept of creating that foundation, because without it we really can't accomplish much at all, or at least not anything that we can rightfully expect to last. I get it now.

I remember you talked about your childhood heroes, and many of them were mine too, and that kids today don't have the same kind of heroes, which I think is really sad.

But now I have a new one, and his initials are DLA. (Just take that in stride and try not to blush.)

All the best,


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