David has devoted his life to rehabilitating abused, neglected, and abandoned horses. David believes the best way to build confidence in horses (and humans too) is to make them responsible for their own actions. When animals (or people) are overprotected or spoiled, they don’t learn to make good decisions or learn how to be responsible for their actions, thus reducing their confidence and their ability to succeed.
Davids approach to working with horses is to communicate clearly and plainly with as little pressure as possible. The key to “True to your horse horsemanship” is to know “WHEN“ to release pressure and when to apply more pressure, and to ALWAYS be fair.
When faced with a behavioral issue, David first observes the owner with their horse. He then listens to what the horse has to say by watching how the horse behaves and interacts with the owner. Since many “horse issues” are really people issues, David quickly ascertains where the communication between equine and human is lacking. The first step for David is to help the horse to understand what is expected of him and then he shows the owner how to both communicate with their horse and how to listen to their horse.
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